You’ve spent your career doing the right thing for your patients, your staff and your community.  Why should selling your dental practice be any different?  When selling your practice, experience and details matter.  In many ways, how you sell a practice is more important than what you’re doing to sell it.  We all know that dental practices with the biggest marketing budgets and most relentless ad campaigns don’t necessarily deliver the best patient care.  It’s the same in dental practice transitions.  We’ve never endeavored to be the biggest transitions firm…just the best!  We have earned our reputation and experience one deal at a time by going the extra mile and doing what’s right.  And because each practice sale is unique, we take a thoughtful, nuanced and hands on approach to your dental practice transition.  Simply put, nobody works harder to sell your practice than we do!  But don’t just take our word for it…here’s what our clients are saying! 

From the first phone call, I had a good feeling about you and your company; it has not changed. You came highly recommended by colleagues who have utilized your services. It was a huge relief to not have to individually deal with appraisers, attorneys, and to be able to turn it over to you to handle the details. I was impressed with the efficiency, quickness, and integrity in the entire process from beginning to final closing. I would heartily endorse you to anyone who wants the most important transaction of their career done right. 

Tony Paden DDS

Palmer, AK

I had the pleasure of working with Aaron when I was ready to sell my dental practice in Alaska.  Aaron was knowledgeable about all aspects of getting my practice ready for its transition to the new owner.  He was constantly available and accommodating at every turn.  He knew all the ins and outs of working through the multi-step task of selling.  His honesty, integrity, and plain ole’ hard work helped me at every turn: from negotiations to all other financial aspects of the transition.  It was such a relief to know I had an expert on my side to help steer and navigate the entire process.  I can’t recommend Aaron highly enough.


Jody Sessom DDS

Palmer, Alaska

I highly recommend Aaron Pershall and Pershall Transitions to anyone considering buying or selling a practice.  I have personally worked with Aaron for over 10 years on six different purchase and sale transactions.  Each situation was unique and Aaron played a key role in making sure the transition unfolded smoothly.  Aaron is extremely knowledgeable and a professional with a long list of client connections.  If I was looking to buy or sell a dental practice he would be the first person I would call. 


Jonathan McNeil DMD

Anchorage, AK

In the world of business, Aaron Pershall is a rare bird. He’s wicked smart with a keen eye for detail, AND he’s an incredible human being who can be trusted to always do the right thing.


This was exactly the type of broker I was looking for when it came time to sell my dental practice. Aaron did not disappoint. Throughout the entire process, I found him to be honest, efficient and highly effective. My practice sale was unique, some might even say difficult, and I found Aaron to be particularly skilled in this area.


I like to do business with people who are highly skilled, are of the highest integrity, are honest and impeccable with their word, and possess the rare combination of brain and heart. Aaron is that man.


If you want a broker who you can trust will always be on your side and has the chops to get your practice sold, Aaron Pershall is the man for the job. You will not be disappointed. 


Curt Eastin ND, DDS

Coeur d’Alene, ID

Aaron Pershall was simply outstanding as my dental practice management and transition broker.  After thoroughly listening to my personal dental practice transition fears and concerns, Aaron found just the perfect dentist to continue caring for our patients.   His focused astute attention to all the many little details and prompt responses to the never-ending list of concerns made it all happen with stressless ease.  His vast experience and excellent communication with all of the ancillary professionals involved in the transition, provided me with a stressless path forward to a successful and satisfied dental practice transition and continuity of care for our patients.  I whole heartedly recommend Aaron for dental practice management and transitions. 

Jerry W. Moody DDS

Tumwater, WA

As an owner of multiple dental practices for over 15 years, I have been involved in numerous practice transitions.  Until I met Aaron Pershall 8 years ago, most of my practice transition experiences had been painful and arduous.

After using Aaron's services in a practice transition, I was amazed at the difference he made in getting a solid and seamless transition done in a timely manner.  

He really understands how to relate to each and every dentist.  Whether for an outright sale or purchase of a practice, or bringing on an associate dentist that is going to be the right fit for both the associate and owner of a practice, Aaron has a knack for making the process a positive experience for everyone.    

Aaron's no non-sense approach to the fiscal aspects of a dental practice and his overall dental knowledge, really made him someone I could trust through each and every transition.  

I would highly recommend his services to any dentist.  He has really helped me through the years. 

Shane L. Newton DMD

Two Rivers Dentistry, ID

As some of you may know already; buying or selling a dental practice is one of the most stressful things a dentist ever has to do.  We all know that dental school didn't give us any education on very demanding milestones such as practice transitions.  You’re not sure who to trust, you may hate the thought of sitting at the computer and running reports at the end of the day, and you have to do it all while keeping your practice running.  Sometimes it is even happening on top of another impactful stress in your life.


I have sold one and purchased three practices with Aaron Pershall and I can tell you that when the rubber meets the road you want him in your corner!  Aaron was always there for me to make sure the deal got done and believe me, there are a thousand things that can go wrong.  These deals can be tough, but Aaron has been through so many of them, I knew he was the guy I wanted next to me in the trench.  He is a fair negotiator with a vast knowledge of the whole process and brings assurance and humor when the situation deserves it! 


Andrew Edwards MS, DDS

Deschutes River Dentistry 

Tumwater, Washington


I had tried bringing in associates to eventually buy my practice four different times over 30 years and could never get it to work.  My first two contacts with other brokers ended with the advice from my attorney, due to inflexibility and not understanding business in Hawaii, and having any disputes settled in Hawaii instead of where the broker’s business was located.  Aaron’s philosophy professional, relaxed, positive style fit perfectly with us.


Hawaii can be a difficult place to practice dentistry.  We don’t have licensing reciprocity with any other state and that limits the potential pool of buyers.  Aaron was willing to deal with this reality without becoming discouraged.  As the seller I went through a number of emotional peaks and valleys and Aaron’s steady hand always guided me through.


There were two offers that we ended up having to reject for various reasons.  One of these buyers came back three years after we rejected his offer and Aaron was able to negotiate an agreement.  The buyer had a history of a serious financial issue, but Aaron was able to work with one of his contacts in the financial lending arena and get the buyer 100% financing for a cash deal.  Then he was able to get all the contracts drawn up by an attorney contact who did a majority of his business in the sale of dental practices. 

Our transition was a long and convoluted path together and a lesser man would have probably thrown up his hands and run for cover! I can’t praise Aaron enough for his knowledge, patience, tenacity, calmness and wonderful heart! 


Frank H. Sayre DDS

Kailua-Kona, HI

One of the first things we noticed about Aaron was how patiently he listened. He "got" us--what mattered most to us; our unique approach and the legacy of care we wanted to pass on. The sense of confidence he inspired early on, turned out to be reliable.  

Aaron’s leadership conveyed a solid feel of trustworthiness that is anchored in his integrity and character.  Distilled from his broad knowledge, professional experience and expertise, Aaron offered advice and guidance that felt custom tailored to our particular concerns.  Steadfastly working toward a best possible match, he remained reliably available and responsive.   

Aaron is also the kind of person you’d just enjoy spending time with. His positive non-anxious presence, his genuine smile, his deep convictions, his demonstrations of personal interest and attention, his courtesy and thoughtfulness, all contributed to earning our trust, our respect, and our grateful friendship.

We're confident he'll earn yours too.

Dr. Dave and Jean Nevills

Nevills Family Dentistry, OR

Thank you for trusting us with such an important milestone - we enjoy being part of your success!